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Total Nebwie Please Recomend Me My New Heli For Christmas:

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Total Nebwie Please Recomend Me My New Heli For Christmas:

Old 12-10-2011, 02:22 PM
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Default Total Nebwie Please Recomend Me My New Heli For Christmas:

Hi Guys,

I guess you have never heard this one before. Which one should I get? I have about 35 years of RC flying airplanes experience from scale warbirds to fun fly to Q-500 I have won several fun fly contest over the years and several Q-500 races to boot. Although winning several of theses events and first and second place finish places in Scale meets hardly qualifies me to fly a heli it does give me some background to show you where I am coming from. I have tried the Sims and the real thing and I have been able to hover but not too much more then that. I need some one to recommend to me the type of heli that I should buy for my first heli. I hear maybe one of the Thunder Tiger 30 maybe might be in order but I am not sure. So I turned to the experts here. Please don't let me down


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Default RE: Total Nebwie Please Recomend Me My New Heli For Christmas:

I've been flying helis for two years, so I'm hardly an expert. But I do fly with experts!

I'm surprised you haven't appealed to the helicopter pilots at your club, but then maybe you don't have any.

I have never flown RC airplanes. I started with an e-Flight Blade CX2 coaxial, and quickly realized I was throwing good money after bad trying to make it do things of which it was incapable. I then acquired an Hirobo .50 Sceadu EVO SWM and never looked back. I went through a fairly long evaluation period trying to decide where to start, but ended up going for the .50 Nitro. The main reasons for my choice were:

- one of the most experienced pilots at our field is an Hirobo dealer, so repair parts readily available.
- I learned that the larger aircraft are less "flitty". They have more mass and don't run away from you so quickly.
- many of the heli pilots at our club are flying Hirobo's so lots of experience and knowledge.
- the .30 nitros are almost the same size but less power, so why not go .50?
- a used Sceadu came available for half of what it would have cost me to build a new one.
- Hirobo used to be the leading product in the US, until Allign came along.
- There are many fine offerings of .50-sized products, some more expensive, some less. Hirobo seemed to be at the right price point for me.

The Thunder Tiger doesn't seem to be popular at all at our club, but that's probably due to the Hirobo dealer on site. There's lots of TT's around and I'm sure they are happy with the product. I defer to those who do fly them for comments.

Recently I acquired an Hirobo SDX the replacement for the discontinued Sceadu and like it very much. Check my profile for details of my aircraft.

Learning took me a while, but what's the hurry? I made up some training gear and strapped it to the skids and hovered around for months. Establishing forward flight was not difficult. Stopping it from flying forward was the challenge! Haha. Still, I've seen airplane pilots take on helis and they seem to learn more quickly than I did. I think partly from familiarity with orientation etc. I think many airplane pilots consider helis too complicated and mechanical nightmares. They rightly notice that we're always tinkering with our aircraft (actually pre and post flighting to prevent mishaps). They also rightly notice the cost and frequency of repair due to um, "incidents". Heh.

For you I would think it will probably come down to what you plan to budget. The bigger the heli, the more it costs and the more it costs to maintain and repair. You want to make sure you can afford the "incidents", or the wreckage will end up in your garage gathering dust.

Guess I've rambled along too much already here. Hope this helps. You might want to drop the same query in the Heli stuff and fellowship thread. There are a couple experts who monitor it regularly and will likely help you with some sage advice.


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