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RogerParrett 03-06-2012 10:27 AM

NIB Venus II
Hey guys... I bought a Venus II several years ago at my LHS with the intent of getting into pattern.

Instead, I got into sailplanes and never built the plane.

I did, however, complete Step #1 which was (I think) coat the firewall with epoxy, but that's it. It's still in the box, everything still in plastic bags.

I'd like to see it go to a person who will use it, instead of it sitting in my shop for the next 20 years.

I'd upload pics, but RCU is being RCU today... :(

Since I've had LOTS of trouble with RCU over the past several weeks, email me directly at:


if you have any interest or questions. I will be able to send photos from my email.

Again, I am having trouble accessing RCU, so I can't say for sure how often I will be able to get back in and check this site.

r/s... Roger Parrett / Dayton / OH

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