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slicks 09-25-2014 04:18 AM

geeze.....it took me 10 minutes to remember how to log in to this site..........been a long time.

Mike it was good to see you last weekend - been way to long! I try to get out to Scott's once a month to watch a game with him -- you should try to get out there more often.

Scott -- as usual - thanks for the game last weekend -- see you in a couple of weeks.

fourwheels0 09-25-2014 12:25 PM

joel ya it's been too long.
i picked up a dromida (quadcopter like scott's) so i'll be out there a bit more often.

trackman 09-25-2014 02:20 PM

this is a switch..... mike spending money because of me!:rolleyes:

fourwheels0 09-25-2014 03:54 PM

YA because of you lol.
well the dromida can take a good hit. i hit the right rudder by accident and ***** slapped it into the brick side of the house lol.
a little scarring on the rear blades but nothing broke.(note to self stay away from the house lol).

fordfan88 09-26-2014 08:10 AM

My son is getting into RC's now. (this is Robbie) He is about 5 years to late. We will do some bashing and have some fun.

fourwheels0 09-29-2014 07:58 PM

well so far no hop ups or bigger batteries for the dromida's.
maybe they are just too new lol.

slicks 10-05-2014 11:49 AM

Hop - Ups.......sounds to me like you need to learn how to fly the ***** thing first.....more power isn't always a good thing!!

WOW ---spent yesterday and today doing yard work in the a.m. and in my shop ......had a close call with my router table a short time ago --- no blood or missing digits -- which is always a good thing! I think I am done for the day with playing with power tools!!

fourwheels0 10-07-2014 12:15 PM

lol joel glad you missed any digit's. routers can be vary nasty.
not really looking for more power per say just bigger mah battery's for longer flight's.
right now we get about 10 minutes and just about the time you get the hang of things the battery goes low lol.
oh'well i guess it beats crashing haha.

CarbonFiberRC 10-16-2014 09:50 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm actually a student out at the University, and literally do not have anywhere to bash with my truck (Revo 3.3) without anyone wanting to call the city police on me.

Are there any locations in the area that I could potentially bash at? Something like an open field that no one uses/would be alright with me taking my truck out to?

fourwheels0 03-24-2015 09:54 AM

well I got back into crawling. got a axial poison spider (basically a wraith with a different body).
been going out to Fredericksburg crawling with a group of guys out there. there's a couple nice parks with lots of trails and rocks. last weekend we had 16 people.

Alpharaptor 06-05-2015 11:49 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Sup guys! I'm sure some of you still monitor this thread...once a year like myself. Just want to let you know about something two of us have started very recently.

We have started a FPV Racing group, that is, we are looking to race quadcopters. We fly them looking through a small camera mounted on the front. (Hence FPV) It easily ranks as one of the coolest things I've ever done. Zipping across the treetops and diving towards the ground never gets old.

A typical FPV racing quad looks like this:

Two popular FPV racing videos:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsxyV-kgfio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70pusNNunMA A video from one of my flights last weekend:
We currently have an active google+ group, with about +- 8 racing quads in the air or being built. Last weekend we tested our first FPV racing gate, and are working on designing more. This weekend we have an event at 10am Sat/Sun at McIntire Park. Here is a link to the google+ page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communit...59619211603442

fourwheels0 08-02-2015 04:40 PM

those are cool as hell.

Alpharaptor 09-06-2015 08:19 AM

We've done a LOT of flying this summer: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communit...1603442/events

varcracer 09-08-2015 02:53 PM

Are there any offroad tracks left since Scott's is gone?

varcracer 09-21-2015 07:25 PM

Anyone that wants to run should get in touch with valley short course on Facebook. I went to Waynesboro yesterday for a race and had a blast. Right now they run 1/10 2wd buggy, sc 2wd, sc 4wd, novice and scb. They have three tracks.

Alpharaptor 09-22-2015 04:34 AM

Originally Posted by varcracer (Post 12102766)
Anyone that wants to run should get in touch with valley short course on Facebook. I went to Waynesboro yesterday for a race and had a blast. Right now they run 1/10 2wd buggy, sc 2wd, sc 4wd, novice and scb. They have three tracks.

I've gone to race with them once, it seemed well organized and the people were friendly. Maybe it was just the day I went but there was almost to many racers. Next time I think I'll arrive much earlier, as I got one practice run in before the races started. I was only in two races before I blew a shock taking me out for the day. They had maybe 5 cars a race, they should increase to about 8 to help move things along.

Walking away that day it just felt I had wasted my day, hopefully next time I'll have more track time.

trackman 11-14-2017 04:02 PM

man its been a long time since ive been here. im still around and find myself getting back into this stuff. just picked up a losi dbxl and a losi 5t.trying to find a spot to run at. stay tuned. will let you know what I come up with.

trackman 11-14-2017 04:07 PM


Smiff 24 12-22-2017 04:22 PM

Hey trackman, Hows it goin up there in Va. ? cold n dark early this time of year !
I did some work in the Staunton Va. area about 8-10 yrs ago and we visited a place
called Brads Hobbies when we were up there. Any idea if there still open ?
When I saw the Charlottesville racer thread it jogged my memory, anyway
Beautiful country up there and I always wanted to come back up for a vacation in the summertime.

Alpharaptor 03-07-2018 06:21 AM

To my knowledge Brad's Hobbies is still in buisiness, haven't been there in years though.

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