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Please help!

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Please help!

Old 01-02-2024, 10:17 PM
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Default Please help!

Hi folks,

Happy New Year!


Aviation authorities are discussing and planning to introduce new air law soon which will require all of us RC pilots to have a transponder fitted to our aircraft.

We believe this is both unnecessary, complicated and expensive.

An update to the aeromura app has just been released, and which is now a totally FREE alternative to a transponder.

We need as many RC pilots as possible to have the app, so it can be showed to aviation authorities that there is already a freely available and reasonable alternative to a transponder on our RC aircraft.

The more pilots using the app, the more "power" we have through number of pilots already using it, so that we can show aviation authorities that the app is already a very real prospect, requiring no additional air law around transponders for our aircraft!

The app is *** FREE *** to download and use, and you can also use it entirely anonymously.

No funny business.

Please help us, and join the 15000 RC pilots already using the app, and get yours today!

Some other features of the app also include :

As a pilot...

■ keep a flight logbook for each of your aircraft
■ just open the app when you are at the club, and be automatically checked-in, easily, conveniently, and electronically
■ see who has checked in to your favorite club recently with what aircraft
■ see who is currently also on your frequency when at your club when you are not on 2.4Ghz
■ see if conditions are good to fly at the moment at your local club
■ see what flying opportunities there are to fly at your local club according to the weather in the next 10 days
■ see what clubs are available to fly at, near the destination of your trip
■ see what pilots are in your local area or at the destination of your trip and engage with them
■ see what aircraft your friends and local pilots have in their fleet
■ see what the active runway is and what the recommended take-off/landing direction is recommended if you are a novice
■ see which slopes are available nearby or close to your destination to fly your glider according to wind strength and direction
■ see what kits, plans and manufacturers are available and their technical specifications (such as centre of gravity settings and more)

As a club...

■ see who has flown what and when at the club
■ see who has checked-in to the club recently
■ see who is on what frequency at the moment
■ see what flying opportunities there are to fly according to the weather in the next 10 days
■ see what pilots are local to the club
■ see what aircraft are local to the club
■ see what the active runway is and what the current or future recommended take-off/landing direction is

Fly to live! Live to fly!

Bringing the pilot community together...

Get yours FREE today by searching for "aeromura" on your play store or app store or tap on one of the links below.

Android pilots download it for free on the Google Playstore here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...nworx.aeromura

Apple iPhone download it for free on the Apple App Store here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1526771501

Old 01-03-2024, 05:03 AM
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That ship has sailed.

They aren't "planning" to introduce anything, it's already a law and your app isn't going to change that. Sorry
Old 01-03-2024, 05:05 AM
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Not a law to to every country yet. You talking about the US and FAA? Our aim is to ultimately engage with the AMA and the FAA around this issue...showing, that there is a reasonable and cheap (free!) alternative....which actually does a whole lot more even
Old 01-03-2024, 05:18 AM
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Yes, speaking of the USA

There's already an alternative, fly at a FRIA

The FAA and AMA can't do anything, you need to talk to Congress. I see you're in Europe so you probably don't totally understand how it works here. Congress made a law, and tasked the FAA with implementing it, which they did, so unless you change the law, no matter how cool your app is, you're, as the yanks say, peeing into the wind.
Old 01-03-2024, 05:39 AM
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Plus, without a transponder in the aircraft, this app only identifies where the pilot is. That does not accomplish the goal of a transponder.

But it does give Google tons more personal and private information mined from crawling up yo' arse, and sold to the highest bidder (the last part is VERY true). Some people consider Google to be their friend. Some people consider Google to be pure evil and their sworn enemy.

It looks like a whole bunch of people would find that to be a neat app. Some people don't mind putting everything about themselves on the open market.
Old 01-03-2024, 10:36 AM
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15,000 app users and only 51 reviews with a 3.8 rating? Imagine how 15,000 people decided to utilize this app and its features
BEFORE the technology has arrived? All spam aside, who were these 15,000 app users? Criminals who want to stalk your every move?
"Yup, it shows Don Juan just arrived at a field 30 minutes from his house. Google says he lives at 1 Happy St NE, so we got a cool hour at least
to rob everything of pawn value. Boy this app makes it easy pickin's."

Maybe with all the bugs the app has, it took 15,000 tries to get it to work? That explains it.
3.8 rating, false data like wind speed, and "app costs more than advertised, can't reach customer service."

Good thing wives don't sign into RC forums to read this spam, the app would suit nagging wives best.
They can view a log of how much time you actually do spend at the field.

I really don't care who flies what or when myself. If I did, I would call anyone
I intended to meet there to discuss the when, what, and how long. I don't need an intrusive app to manage my flying time.

Old 01-03-2024, 07:14 PM
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The app seems to display WAY too much information anyway. How anyone could manage that ponderous thing and use it to usefully fly a model airplane is beyond me. Maybe it can be edited for MEANINGFUL information WHEN and HOW it may be needed - but I remain skeptical.
So.. no thanks.

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