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Oh, you are hooked now.
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Sounds good , the tiger is a monster, your gonna love it
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Torro Tanks

I have to post my experience w purchase from Torro. I bought 3 1/16 scale tigers level 4 for about $800. I selected 3 unique paint schemes of the Tiger and got 2 the same because I clicked on the images of the website and didn't see the small model no. on the bottom which didn't match with the picture... and they came with pieces/parts missing, One of the tanks was damaged ..looks like it was used and returned. The sound box was broken off and the smoke plastic tube was broken. Motors in this same tank are older and slower than the other 2. Accessory bag was open missing parts. On the website the IR receivers and rechargeable batteries are included... but they were not. Power supply was European, had to buy batteries and new chargers.
I emailed about upgrades waiting for them to arrive... incomplete and slow response. I emailed them after opening the boxes to discover all the problems above and no reply. I guess they figure I"m too far away to do anything about it.. They were actually pretty fun for a week until one of the drive wheels split in half. I ordered a metal replacement from Taigen but the track keeps coming off... looks like an alignment issue. Again, the same tank that appeared well used.
I guess there's nothing i can do since i stupidly bought from Europe and not local dealer. Just don't make the same mistake I did,..
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Pah co chu puk
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I think airplanes are cool too, and these baby's came to an air show near me this weekend.

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Default New to R/C U and Tanking

Hey everyone.
Im new to the forum. In fact I rarely do forums or blogs in general.
But recently I asked some questions about Tanking and had some excellent help. I was given advice from a few experienced folks that helped me assess a reasonable depth for my swan dive into the hobby.
Im a competent modeler and my paint chops are at a pro level.
Ive built dozens of static model kits over the years and painted hundreds of figure projects professionally.
I run a few different professional SLA and MJP 3D Printers as well (but Im not a 3D Modeler by trade).
So I know my way around a Dremel, an Iwata and some Duct Tape

The R/C Tanking Hobby is something I have wanted to get into for a few years, and Im just now buying my first Tank (Taigen, Tiger I mid production).
To me, the reward of the 1/35 kits is lack luster. I can squeeze in a couple a year and there they sit. The larger format of the 1/16 tanks and the ability to upgrade, interact and grow with the tank (and hobby) is compelling.
Its my kind of project. Very excited.
I am already assessing upgrades and buying parts for future builds (KV-2, Stug, Sherman M4A1 cast Hull, and anything that wears Winterketten - totally obsessed w/winter tanks).
Gearboxes, better motherboards, smokers, flash, recoil, axel support, you name it, Im interested.

Its a bit daunting, so many variables, parts, boards, determining reasonable fit between manufacturers (seriously - does everyone share the same factory with minimal mods and so-so fit??).
But whatever the case, its all proving to be an enjoyable ride of discovery.

Thought I would introduce myself and say hello!

There's no doubt I will haunt the forum and have dozens of questions in the months to come.

All my best, CHEERS!


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Welcome to the Tank forum, you will find this an addictive hobby. Like most I came from 1/35th scale armor modelling, the R/C aspect and scale add a lot of appeal, some of us battle them using infrared emitters and receivers, so the scope of the hobby expands even further than you might expect.
I think you will be happy with the Taigen Tiger tank and they (IMEX) have a presence here on the forum, Eric over at IMEX keeps us updated on the new products they offer as well as providing support and discounts to forum members here. He is also a Tanker, so If you have any questions about your Taigen Tiger someone here can probably answer or Eric may chime in with his expert knowledge of the Taigen product line and answer as well.

I too have been 3D printing tank related items, as many are now getting into that hobby as well as an adjunct to the RC tank hobby, check out my SSYMS 80 ton flatbed railway car on this forum, if you haven't seen it there are several 3D printed projects currently on the forum, some amazing work being done.
Enjoy and again welcome to the forum.

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JMore (12-09-2020)
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Originally Posted by strmnd54 View Post
That's a great idea !!!!
Too bad I'm anti-social and don't talk to anybody ..
That's something about my life. Exactly!

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