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Centurion update

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When I first started in this hobby it was with a Heng Long Tiger 1 early,
It shared the same outline as a Tamiya Tiger 1 but that was where any similarity ended,
But what I did have for very little money was a template upon which I could build as accurate a Tiger 1 early as I my research and my pocketbook wanted,
I confess the last thing I want to buy is a Tank that is perfect,
Where is the fun or the challenge in that.
That is the world of the glass case shelf queen and it holds no interest for me,
Am I wrong if I assume most of us here build, tweak and engineer our Tanks and Trucks or are most of us opening RTR boxes and settling back satisfied at a job well done?
Bring on the Centurion as it is and leave any modifications to me please..
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herrmill (05-20-2021)
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Nicely put Jarndice, however even the best made production models can benefit from a few tweaks by an experienced modeller who knows there subject. I’ve no doubt that the Centurion will be the same, needing those small but essential tweaks on missing or overscale parts or even building one of the many different MK’s of Centurion that Haya ltd has not covered. But I suspect there are just as many who unlike you will be happy with there “shelf queen”as is out of the box. Each to there own I say, after all if we were all the same it would be a boring world to say the least.
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herrmill (05-20-2021)
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Guess that makes you both 'journeymen' - the journey being more important than the destination - like me?

The only problem being the destination doesn't seem to get any closer, as one finds more stuff to tweak/rebuild - I'm on my 5th iteration of the shutter arm on my Chieftain's gunner sight, and sorta bogged down on the cupola with the angled periscopes....
And realised that to have the MRS on the barrel of my Chieftain means that it's an L11A5, with the slim bore evacuator, not the L11A3 with the thicker BE that is standard on the HAYA model. Going to let that one lie, should have tackled it prior to adding the barrel straps etc.
I'm assuming similar will happen with Centurion, the footman loops are already on the list....

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You have hit the nail on the head Mal. Those who want a “standard model” to run or just display are catered for, and those who go down the dark path of “tweaking” or indeed the even darker art of “modifying” there tanks will I think be well catered for with the Centurion. At the end of the day as long as your happy with your model that’s all that matters in this, or any other hobby as far as I’m concerned.
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Originally Posted by cleong View Post
Better that someone brings to market a base tank that is 95% there and hobbyists customize for their desired variant than forever listen to hobbyists, keep tweaking and it never sees production. Sure beats scratchbuilding one, or spending months working with xacto blades, cement, and a styrene kit.
Yes, Celong, its the scratch building that gets me busy. Just not able to leave it alone. This may end up as a 1973 Shot Kal when I get ahold of one!!!
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