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Lil Help w/ My Hellfire Please?

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Lil Help w/ My Hellfire Please?

Old 04-10-2006, 09:37 AM
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Default Lil Help w/ My Hellfire Please?

I've had the hellfire about a month and, finally got it broke in now that the weather broke here in Chicago land. I notice a few weird things that i'd like some answers to.

1) First and, worst - worry is that the engine seems to be cocked (clutchbell side is vearing off to left, looking from rear of truck) I loosened the engine, and, tried to readjust it but there is not enuff room to slide the rear of the engine over enuff to straighten it out. Seems like there is plenty of adjustment to go with smaller bells (already a 13t) but no adjustment for bigger. No matter how i position it - to get the right mesh with the spur, It looks cocked. Also I have the engine as far back a i can get it and, it is still to far forward. The spur teeth are very close to touching the big part of the Clutch bell... Is this how they all are or is mine defective????? Maybe it has something to do with that purple engi ne mounting plate plate being off but, i'm not sure, figured i'd ask the experts first.

2) How do you mount/use the foam in the battery box? I know it is cushioning so the batt doesn't bounce around. There were 2 pieces of double sided tape foam in mine. I'm not sure if you mount one on the bottom of the box, then one on the side or what. No, instructions. I hate to tape the receiver pack in there if i want to switch between 2 different ones so i can run longer?

3) The more i look, 90% of the hex screws look like "Torx" heads instead of allen. I tried taking a bunch out to locktite em and, they strip like butter! I have a call into HPI (Feb 28th) and, they said they would send new hardware but that was over a month ago when i first go it = Backorder, still haven't got em! Are you other Hellfirell owners noticing the screws to be like this also or do you just think I got one of the trucks slopped together on a friday near days end?

I got it all broke in and, it ran Exellent, handled well and, i was pretty impressed with performance. That said, I still am waiting to get the new hardware from HPI because the day i got it i wanted to break it down and, fill the diffs with fluid - this is where i found out how crappy the screws were. I can't wait to tune the diffs and, see how much better it performs!

Thanks for any help or ideas!

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Default RE: Lil Help w/ My Hellfire Please?

It depends on how "cocked" the engine is as to if you should worry or not. It seems like mine is cocked slightly, but I've run quite a bit of gas through it, and no problems, and no abnormal tooth wear. I also have the 16T bell on mine, so that may make the problem worse for myself. The foam in mine is just along the side of the battery. I haven't tried putting the other piece on top to wedge the battery in there. I haven't heard or noticed any movement from the battery like this.

Your hardware issue seems strange. I haven't noticed any damaged ones on mine.

I will say everything people have said about suspension breakage is true. When I first read threads about the problems, I figured I didn't have anything to worry about because I don't "race" the car. I figured everyone else were being hard on their's. But, now I have broken or bent both of the front A arm hinge bracket thingies(the purple pieces that support the pins), 1 shock cap, a control arm hinge pin, the front and rear shock towers, and 1 lower control arm. The accident that broke the most parts happened when the truck ran into a house. This happened because of radio problems(another problem I'm having that other's don't seem to, and that I don't have with a different HPI product). Of course, crashing into a house at full speed is going to break things. However, I've broken a lower control just by brushing a curb, and bent shock towers just by rolling the truck once. The truck is somewhat heavy, and fast, so I understand some damage, but it's unfortunate how most of the suspension seems under built for the truck.[]

Once I replace all the plastic parts with billet aluminum it should be awesome!!!! RIght now I'm waiting on lower control arms.

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