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RCV 60SP transition problem

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Default RCV 60SP transition problem

I have an RCV-60SP engine mounted in a Sig Kadet Senior and I am having some problems that someone here might be able to help me with. I will list the mounting/fuel/prop details and then explain my problem.

Fuel tank mounted in line with carb
Morgan Omega 10% fuel (recommended fuel)
APC 16-12 propeller (recommended size)
I am using one of the plug in fuelers, I forget which brand but it comes with a little plug to fit the receptical to fuel
Brand new OS F plug (recommended)
High speed needle set at 1 turn out from closed (recommended to start at 1 3/4)
Low speed set at 3 3/4 in from fully out (recommended 3 1/2 to 4 turns in from fully out with the throttle wide open)
I have tested the fuel system for leaks by pressurising and it held pressure and I am running muffler pressure
Max RPM is about 5400 (Recommended max 5300, but engine it ok to 6000)
Idel speed is 1700-1800 when it quits after transition, it has to be 2200-2300 not to quit

The problem that I am having is that once the needle is set for the high end and the low end is set so that the engine transitions smoothly from low to high and holds a low but reliable idle, if I go to mid-full throttle and then back to idle the engine goes too low and dies. I can kind of "catch" the throttle before it quits and then gently lower it down to idle, but I cannot just transition from high RPM to low. If I set the idle trim on the transmitter so that the engine does not die after the transition then once it hits the low spot the idle speeds back up to a too high setting and it is hard to get the airplane down as the higher idel speed just keeps pulling the Kadet along. Part of the problem is that the Kadet really floats, but if the engine would just transition from a mid-high speed down to the lower idel that it is capable of running at then this would not be a problem. I have adjusted the high and low speed needle extensivly, but I cannot get it to transition to the low idel without dieing before the RPMs level out. The engine runs well at different attitudes, it is just having problems with the transition to idel. The low end will just burble a little bit at idel, but it transitions up well with no hesitation and very little smoke if any at all. If I lean the low end out even 1/8th turn more it just flat out dies going to idle, I cannot even catch it. If I go richer it really burbles and the transition to high RPM is rough at which time it blows out smoke trying to clear itself out. The engine itself runs very well in a mechanical sense seeing as how different from the norm it is, and it seems to make pretty good power. I would guess that it is a carberation problem that I cannot figure out, but I am open to any suggestions. I am posting this in both the RCV section and the normal glow section so that I might get the most idea's on how to fix the problem. Thanks for the help.
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Default RE: RCV 60SP transition problem

Hi Joey

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I have spoken to our main technician and he thinks this may be a carb setup issue. It may help if you contact our US service centre as they should be able to talk you through the setup again. If all else fails you could return the carb to them and they could try and reset this for you (using the same fuel, prop etc).

Click on BJ's website for contact details

I hope this helps
Best regards

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