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RCV58CD Setup Help

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Default RCV58CD Setup Help

I purchased a RCV58CD in the Fall and about 4 months ago installed it on a Sig Four Star 40 in place of my OS46FX. I followed the setup instructions in step 5 of the manual with no issues running on Omega 15% nitro fuel. When I went to step 6 I was running it and fine tuning the idle mixture and getting what I thought good transition. Just when I was ready to call it a day and take it for a test flight, the engine died. There was plenty of fuel, the engine was very hot, even the spinner.

I let everything cool but could not restart it. I thought I would change to 10% nitro (assuming this might also cause overheating).

I just got back to the engine this past weekend. I reset the needles for factory setting and used the 10% notro fuel. I got it started and adjusted according to the manual, slightly rich on the high speed needle and adjusted the low speed needle for good idle and transition. All seemed OK, not perfect transition, but OK. Also the spinner was not hot after running.

I took the plane to the field to fly. After fueling and start the engine acted the same, decent transition. I flew it, didn't seem to react to throttle changes in the air like on the ground. 1/4 throttle was low the rest was about the same as full throttle. Anyway, flew about 8 minutes and landed.

I let the engine cool and refueled. After starting the engine again, I went to full throttle and briefly pinched the fuel line, immediate engine kill. To me this meant too lean. I richened the high speed needle, RPMs decreased and sounded worse but it did not immediatly die when the fuel line was pinched. I noticed the transition was worse so I richened the low speed about 1/4 turn in all with no appreciale difference. It seemed that while the screwdriver started the CCW turn the idle sounded smoother but when the screw driver was removed it sounded as before.

Went back to full throttle and raised the plane nose up, some slight lowering of RPM, not much. I could not richen the high speed needle more or it seemed too much.

I took it for another flight, this time working some inverted and rolls, seemed ok, same 1/4 throttle was low the rest was about the same as full throttle. About 6 minutes into this flight I pulled up about 45 degrees and the engine quit.

After landing I checked for fuel and it had plenty, I let it cool, refueled and was not able to restart. This was reminescent to my breakin period.

Needless to say, I'm confused as to what to try now. There are probably way to many details in this post but I wanted to provide as much detail as I remember. The only thing I don't have is tach readings. I took readings during the initial breakin and matched the instructions.

Any help?
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Default RE: RCV58CD Setup Help


It is difficult to diagnose this from your description, as it is very unusual for the engine to quit - let alone not start again.
I think the best course of action would be to speak to our technical service guy in the USA. If he is unable to identify the problem over the phone I can authorise a warranty checkup for you. Please phone Bill on 203-888-4819

Please let me know how you get on
Best regards

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