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I've been flying my blade cp for a while now and can do mild aerobatics I've even hovered upside down a couple times so I think its time to upgrade to a new heli and was wondering if a T-REX is the right way to go. Im a little nervous about spending this kind of money. I have to buy everything including the TX and did the math and its just under 1k and was looking for some advice as to what I should do or if there is a better heli to get before a T-REX.
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start with the T-Rex 450 XL, build the kit (with new lock tight, not the stuff it comes with), get a radio (eclips 7), a good gyro, and start out with hovering. the rex is a much more stable bird, and i think you will like flying that much more. also the rex is very upgradeable, so you can go as mild or as wild as you'd like! and for starters, stay away from the se right now, get some gooooood stick time on an xl before that jump is made, way too much to fix one of those.
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I kind of disagree with Flytoolow. I started out with a Blade CP in January and decided to upgrade to the T-Rex 450 SE. If you can fly the Blade inverted and do some Aerobatics with it, you are ready for the SE in my opinion. After flying the Blade, the Trex is so amazingly stable. Hovering it is pretty much boring. I've had my 450 SE for 3 weeks (2 weeks in the air) and almost 30 flights with no crashes yet. You sound further along than me as far as flying the Blade. It's a dream to fly after flying the Blade. If you are flying the Blade like you say, then don't waste your time with the 450XL and go straight for the SE. Upgrading the XL to an SE will cost you way more later. My setup is as follows:

Trex 450 SE, Hitech HS56 servos for collective, Futaba GY401 and 9650 digital servo for tail (highly recommended), Futaba 9CHP Super xmitter (great radio), Futaba 146IP PCM receiver, Dean's whip antenna, TP 2100mAh 16C Lipos. The whole thing was $1,139 from DeeTeeEnterprises. I really recommend the GY401 and a digital tail servo, no more fighting the tail all the time like on the Blade and it's solid as a rock. A PCM recevier is a great way to go and will help reduce the chance of glitches.

Anyway, whichever heli you choose, you will not be dissapointed in the XL or the SE.

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I basically agree with djdavidcp, except that I will not use or recommend whip antennas. I also prefer JR radios, but that's a personal thing, as Futaba makes a nice radio as well. I also will not use Align electronics, again a personal preference as a lot of folks do without any problems.

PCM receivers and digital servos are all I use in my helis.

With helis the more you spend the better it will be in respect to the electronics you select.

After just 13 flights and multiple parts failing in flight I have a full metal head. I crasked a swash plate, flybar control arm and had slop in the head assembly. Since I went with a full metal head on my 450XL HDE it flies much better and no more parts failures. My Rex has never been crashed or even landed hard. So in light of that the SE may be a good way to go. However, I still prefer mechanical mixing and have no desire for bling unless it will really improve flight quality.

Oh yeah, I have just as much money in my T-Rex as I do in my Raptor 50 and I still only have 1 battery for my Rex.
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Totally agree with Doug, including the Deans Antenna. Makes for a totally neat clean set up.

I do prefer the HS 65 HB or HM servos, and the Fut 9650 for the tail.

Getting a less expensive kit & upgrading will be more costly in the end. Yes it's costly, but Heli Building, and especially maintainance can be very expensive. I srtarted with the Blade 11/05- Had to rebuild it 3X/week for several weeks until I finally 'got it'..Cost me 3-4X the original price, but still flying well. And I've been in RC since '60.

Have had the 450 SE since 3/06 and it's a dream--Yes, a few minor repairs..but that's life.

Why don't you check the thread-"Trex450 SE or Mx400 Pro" It's long, but there's loads of great Information & help from page 1.


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