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Sportsman Pattern Question

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Sportsman Pattern Question

Old 11-10-2004, 03:34 PM
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Default Sportsman Pattern Question

I have been working on getting into pattern flying (reason, because pattern flyers fly the plane and not chase the plane)I flew prebasic in one contest and won with my size 40 big stik. In the process of learning more I have just finished a tiger 60 (which I am told is an excellent beginning pattern plane and so far I have to agree with that) and wanted to jump in sportsman and get going. I have been assisting every pattern contest I can (scribing ) to learn more on what the judges look for.

To give you a idea of my mind set, I have the sportsman reouting memorized flying either direction, I practice on the computer every chance I get and I try and fly every week to get practice in. I have my first contest coming up on the 20th and here is my question.

In doing the roll, I have seen pilots just do aileron rolls (looks nice) and score well, and I can do that, but to really do a roll
correctly (as you know) it involves some rudder and elevator. I am still learning to do this and getting fair at it but they
are not as pretty and on line as an aileron rolls. HERE is my Question: From a judges standpoint, does he take into account how the roll is done, or only from the stand point on tracking and presentation,. I know this sounds a little trite
but I want to learn to fly and present properly to the best of my ability and fly the pattern. OH Yes I want to score well ! Does this make sense?

My other question is this, after completing the two rolls and exiting the box then re enter the box on the same line as it exited. Does that include height? for example the 1st set of manuvers tend to be more on a lower level due to the rolls etc (at least that is my judgement from a presentation standpoint) but the second set needs to be started a little higher(again my perception). so If I come back into the box to start the 2point roll can I be on the same line but higher? and If not, are there ways to get higher without impacting ones score?

Thanking you in advance.

Wayne A. Lovett
Old 11-10-2004, 10:06 PM
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Default RE: Sportsman Pattern Question

Hello. Hy hat is off to you. Best of luck on the 20th.

Its your first contest, take it slow and enjoy it. I would not suggest changing anything too dramatic from what you are currently flying. Just try and polish what you are flying now.

Yes, putting rudder in during the roll is important, but elevator is moreso during the rolls and half roll segments. You can use the flight simulator to help figure out which direction of rudder to put in. To give you a reference point, it took me about 15 years before I started putting rudder in to rolls and half rolls, and another 5 years to put rudder in most (vertical, 45 degree) lines as well. Needless to say my scores went up when I did this, but I was flying FAI by that point.

You don't have to re-enter the box at the same altitude as you exit after the rolls. Whether its a stall turn, half reverse cuban 8 or half cuban 8, the entry and exit altitude don't have to be the same on a turnaround.
Old 11-12-2004, 10:33 PM
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Default RE: Sportsman Pattern Question

We have a very active and energetic sportsman flyer in our club (now is forced to move to intermediate). He was able to put rudder in both his two half rolls as well as his two point roll, immelman and started to put in his two rolls. Was a little bit off in the coordination of the rudder, but it was impressive that one that is so new to pattern put in these advanced control inputs.

We worked through the sequence, first, second, first second third, first, second third, fourth. That was the technique. We practiced in a box with lines drawn on the runway. It really helped the positioning of the straight flight out and half reverse cuban 8 without going out of the box. Loops centered. Basically the most important things are the technical (centering, geometry, positioning). Then we worked on the lines, rolls. Flight simulator helped him a lot in this regard. Perhaps these hints will be helpful to you.


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