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Default RE: curiosity

Greetings Gustof

You get somehow "windy" welcoming. But behalf of myself: I warmly welcome You!

I am quite new with this tankking hobby too (less than half a year), but allready proud owner of four HL-tanks.
Your will find this forum very informative (my opinion = most informativest) and very friendly too (I know, it may sound little akward right now. But trust me, this is).

It was very nice to read, that You have experience of model trains. I might try to PM You about that matter, if it is okay for You?


Red Rabbit
from Finland

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Gustof Wind
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Default RE: curiosity

sure--I'll be glad to rear from you-----------Gustof
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Default RE: curiosity

Looking at Will Farrel in The Producers reminded me of this gem:

"what ever you do, don't mention the war"
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Default RE: curiosity

ORIGINAL: Gustof Wind

for sure I'm a 72 year old veteran
you do not , however understand the intent of my question, which is to know why there is an overwhelming perponderance of folks modeling German tanks--I had not a clue as to what was/is available to model
by "allies" I guess I meant all of us on the other side, and the Brits in particular because of their being bombed and threatened with conquest
if someone is painting with an inaccurate paint brush--you're using one on me--and I take exeption
again--my question was/is not loaded
I thought I might enjoy a change of modeling to tanks as I've been modeling trains forever and planes for fifteen years
if any one needs to "knock it off" it is you!

Back peddle all you want "Cranky Gust", but welcome. And enjoy your research about WWII armor. LOL
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Default RE: curiosity

ORIGINAL: swathdiver

ORIGINAL: Gustof Wind
...enough generations have passed to forget the bad stuff and appreciate the technology and esthetics.
We should never forget. Forgetting allows the likes of Castro, Chavez, Hussein, Amin, Pol Pot and dozens of other mass murderers rise to power. Every new generation must be taught the consequences of letting evil prevail by showing them what happened in the past.

German tanks are quite popular because its what the Allies fought against. Having heard the war stories from dozens of veterans in my lifetime they all remember the crack of a Tiger's 88mm. One of them told me how he used to blow them up with bazookas from behind. If you're into modelling a Tiger in a certain time period or build and want to be historically accurate, you'd be hard pressed to find a unit that was regular army in some cases. Often times the SS got the good stuff.

What do you have against Fidel and his friend Hugo? You forgot to put Bush in the first place.

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