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You got your new 12X?

Old 05-12-2008, 05:24 PM
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Default You got your new 12X?

Hey Troy,

I hate to go so far off topic, but I heard over on FG that you got your new 12X radio last week?

I've had one backordered from a hobby shop for 3 months now, and after denying any knowledge of when they'd be in for months now, finally someone at Horizon told me this afternoon that they still had not arrived but may be in by the end of May. It sometimes helps to be on Team JR huh?

Any way, just curious if you liked the production version and hope you add to your success from last year!
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Troy Newman
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Default RE: You got your new 12X?

Yes Zeeb I saw your posts last week. I wanted so much to say yes I got it and it does this and this and that. However the frenzy that is created the ill feeling and comments regarding a pilots relationship with a supplier doesn't help the situation. Thats Ok I know it comes with the territory. Horizon Hobby and JR are like YS they are easy to represent because I believe in the products and use them by my choice. I know you guys are frothing at the mouth to get yours. I understand. I was really nervous as I had my TX's stolen in my car about 6 weeks ago. So I lost a 10X and a X9303 that had programs that were not backed up. I also need to get models setup and get some practice its close to the time when flying here in PHX gets cut short due tot he heat. We are suppose to hit 101deg by Friday.

As for JR and Horizon Hobby, I was lucky enough to get one a little ahead of the release. That doesn't mean I have any details about when they will be released.

They are finishing them up. Its going to be here sooner rather than later....Patience. Horizon and JR are making sure everything is right before it goes. That doesn't mean its going to be months. That also doesn't mean its going tomorrow either. I have no knowledge about when they are going to ship. I understand the system is really close to release. Mine was probably not complete in terms of packaging, and manuals. It did not have a manual in it. Not that I needed it. Its online and I only referenced it one time.

Yes I received one. I have not broadcast it as I didn't want to start the Team JR guy getting one thing and we didn't get ours. I know lots of folks are waiting for them. Horizon wanted to get some of the systems out in Team members hands so we could answer questions on the radios when they get into the hands of folks like you. This is a benefit to you guys. I flew it on Friday for the first time and had a few guys a the field notice it. I know two of them that have it on order. One guy wanted to walk away with it. He has had one on order since the first time you could B/O it.

Its a very detailed and nice system. I'll post some more in the appropriate place. For now its very good I have about 15 flights on it and its working awesome. The programming is easier than the 10X and the layout as you all know is more like the 9303 in terms of interface. However its not a 9303 in a different box. It has a bunch more under the hood than the 9303.

Relax about it...Its coming...and you'll have it very soon. I have been on the edge of my seat wanting to tell you guys all about it. However I knew it would gather fire. Because of the feeding frenzy in the shark infested waters.
The date that has been publicly stated through HH and my LHS is mid May. That is likely a ship date from HH not have it in your Hobby shop to walk home with it that day.

As always expected dates can slip for various reasons. I not answering for Horizon Hobby as a Team member I'm just giving you what I know...Soon Very soon. I wish I could say they will be at your LHS on this day. I can't I don't know, and I don't Horizon has that date set in stone. When the product is ready it will be released.

Believe me Horizon and JR want people to have it as much as you do. So patience is the key. The jumping on HH for not making a date doesn't help anything. It just fuels the fire and doesn;t do anyone good. In fact it makes it so a company like Horizon doesn't give dates in future. At least you have an idea that the plan is Mid-May and thats the last I heard last week when I asked. Yes I know mid-may is now. So may be released in the next couple weeks. I can't say as I have no specific knowledge of the details.

I'll be happy to do a review of the system on my Blog when I get a chance.

By the way I have already used the Model Match feature and I'm not nearly as old as our buddy Dick Hanson. Also the Servo synch with dual elevator channels and the balance feature is a very powerful tool. I had things very close in my 10X but not as good as I'm able to make things now. In fact now Its as dead on perfect as I can measure. Both elevators are tracking right on.

Quique commented on how well it felt when he first flew it. I can say same thing after the few flights I have on the system.

Its a real winner. You guys are going to be happy. You can't please everybody and the release dates is just another thing to get a little friction going. Its not needed, the folks that are working on it are very talented, they are doing everything they can to get you the system. Its also their job to make sure that things are correct and right with manuals, packaging, all the goodies that come with the system.

I can honestly say the systems are not sitting there ready to ship. When they are ready they will ship them.

Enough said for now. Back tot he YS forum.

Troy Newman
Team JR
Old 05-13-2008, 08:24 AM
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Default RE: You got your new 12X?

Thanks for the info both here and on that "other" forum.

I'm not complaining other than I wish the manufacturers would publish more realistic dates. It's not just Horizon that does this so I suspect it has more to do with marketing decisions than anything. Personally, I'd rather have 'em tell me a later date and have it show up early, than keep pushing delivery dates back.

I was pretty miffed about the X9303 deal as I backordered one of those last May from Horizon directly and never did get the backordered radio, I finally had to go to an online hobby shop in mid October last year to get a radio.

I needed the eighth channel for my gassers so they were sitting all summer when I could have bought a few matchboxes and been flying, but that didn't seem necessary when Horizon kept saying the radio would be avialable in two weeks and then moving it back all the time...[>:]

Of course since this is the YS forum, I'll tell you that my Funtana 90 with the YS-110 got a real workout last summer using my DX7 radio...

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