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  1. WTB Taigen Tiger 1 metal Lower Hull
  2. Wanted to hire: a figure painter
  3. Pershing Metal Tracks
  4. Looking for 1/16th Tanks
  5. tanks for sale
  6. For trade 1/16 Torro Halftrack
  7. LAV water cannon vehicle
  8. WTB - Taigen radio and speaker
  9. WTB radio and receiver for a HL parts tiger
  10. Used Spektrum DX6 radio with BR6000 receiver package $50.00 Shipped Con US
  11. STUG III with asiatam lower
  12. Pershing for trade
  13. Full metal tiagen tiger 1 late with tiger1 early for parts
  14. Taigen US M41A3 Walker Buldog
  15. Taigen German Tiger I
  16. PanzerKampfwagen by Heng Long
  17. Tamiya Panther G Hatch
  18. Mato Sherman Tracks
  19. Wanted : HL Panzer 3 upper hull
  20. Moving to smaller house sale
  21. Looking for Hooben Elefant tracks
  22. Wanted: lower gear-Panther/Tiger 1
  23. Lower Tamiya Sherman Hull Wanted
  24. For swap or sale 1/16 KV-85
  25. Wanted: HL Pz IV F2 Parts
  26. Tamiya Sherman electronics Sale or Trade
  27. Tamiya Full Option Panther 1/16
  28. Tamiya R/C Flakpanzer Gepard 1/16 NIB and very early R/C Sherman 1/16th for sale
  29. Hetzer Hull
  30. Tamiya Battle Units, GFS Bases, IR parts, etc...
  31. Tiagen full metal stugg iii
  32. FS: 1/16 scale Kyosho JGSDF L.A.V.'s (original race-buggy-based 4wd ones!)
  33. RC military truck 1/14
  34. Graupner Speed 400 6V
  35. Wanted: Gear from Tamiya gun elevation unit
  36. ZTZ Nylon gears wanted!
  37. Panzer IV with metal upgrades
  38. Mato Sherman with metal upgrade
  39. Tamiya apple
  40. Clark model TK20-RU for T-34
  41. Tank projects up for sale, Tiger, Stug and halftrack
  42. Wanted: Two pairs of Tamiya male motor connectors
  43. looking for LAV
  44. Wanted: Rare Kirin resin 120mm (1/16) Fallschirmjager figures...
  45. Asiatam chassis, wheels, tracks and gearboxes for Stugg III / Panzer III
  46. Tamiya Leopard 2A6 w/ spare parts, metal road arms, GBS; & Airtronis RDS8000 Tx & Rx
  47. Tamiya Leopard 1 static kit w/ Metal tracks. Unbuilt
  48. Tamiya Leapord tracks wanted!
  49. Tamiya 1:16 Full Option KingTiger
  50. Wanted: Landing craft plans, ideas for diorama materials... and other misc.
  51. Wanted hl/taigen tiger 1 metal tracks..
  52. Wanted, AFV hull brace for Tamiya Leopard 2A6
  53. Dynamit Prophet Plus II AC/DC peak charger for trade(like new)
  54. Looking for Mato 8108r function board
  55. Clark tk22 for tiger 1 metal tracks& wheels
  56. Carson Goldhofer Loader 1/14
  57. Looking for Late version Tamiya Tiger I
  58. Graupner HB .61 PDP Engine with crank driven fan.
  59. Custom built Tamiya Sherman
  60. RC Halftrack (new in box) 1/16
  61. selling tanks and landing craft
  62. Wanted Walker Bulldog compete bottom Hull
  63. Taigen Tiger 1, Late, FullMetal, Tk22
  64. Anyone want to part with an Eduard Schwimm?
  65. Ztz-99 wanted!
  66. tamiya full option tiger 1 tank
  67. Tamiya MF-02 (Sherman) for sale
  68. WTB Profiline Stug F/8 conversion kit
  69. WTB or trade for RTR tank....
  70. WSN T-34/85 1/16 with metal lower hull upgrade
  71. Detailed StuG III G for sale
  72. WTB> Looking for a Tamiya Leopard A4
  73. CUSTOM 1/24 Marui Tiger I with Henglong electronics. one of a kind!
  74. Looking for a Tamiya JS-2
  75. Rc forces of valor 1:24 tiger i tank
  76. Tamiya full option KV-1 with radio gear and tamiya battle unit $650 obo
  77. Modified Spektrum DX6i and 2x AR600 Reciever
  78. Hooben T-55 Trade for Tamiya Panther.
  79. For Sale Small Model Tanks
  80. For Sale Model Tank
  81. Wanted rc brukenleger
  82. Tamiya Plastic tracks
  83. Bandai 1/15 scale Stug IV NIB
  84. For Sale - My demo (new) Metal Taigen early Tiger 1 with airsoft gun TAG12030
  85. For sale - Impact Panther/Tiger gearboxes with motors
  86. For sale - Tamiya truck gearboxes and gear reductions
  87. For sale - Mato Sherman 1/16 with metal upgrade
  88. Wanted, Metal Tracks for T55
  89. Wanted Heng Long King tiger IR version
  90. Mato Sherman plastic VVSS suspension wanted
  91. WTS> Kenny Kongs T-66 Sherman tracks
  92. T55 wanted
  93. For Sale 1/16 Tamiya Pkw.K1 Kubelwagen Typ 82 R.C Kit
  94. For Sale 1/16 eduard Schwimmwagen Static Kit
  95. TI full option tank for sale
  96. Idf m-51, hl m-26a1, m-41b
  97. Trade Request
  98. 1/16 T-55 Hooben Kit

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