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  1. Panzer IV F2 IR Tank with steel gearboxes and metal/drive idlers for sale!
  2. Taigen panther (metal upgrades)
  3. Brand New Tamiya Battle System ~ New in box!!!
  4. Big sale on complete tank inventory
  5. looking for a IBU2 board
  6. HL Leopard 2A6 2.4GHz $100
  7. 1/16 heng long panzer iii and M41A3 bulldog
  8. Looking For.....
  9. Heng long Bulldog
  10. HL Sherman FS
  11. 5 FOV 1:24 RC Tanks (+2 FPV Systems): King Tiger--INSANE MODS, Panzer IV, T-34/85, Sh
  12. Taigen Sherman M4A3 Lower Hull + Gearboxes + Tracks + Metal Running Gear ($250)
  13. Tamiya full option control boards
  14. Super Pershing for sale
  15. Sherman Firefly VC Kits Coming Soon!
  16. Taigen Jagdpanther (metal hull version) upgraded + IBU2 Pro, TPA, FS-i6
  17. Imex/Taigen T-34/85, BOTH IR and Airsoft
  18. Tamiya 1/35 Sherman Kit 2.4GHz (#48212) - $200 Shipped in US
  19. Looking for a Taigen Infrared Main Power Switch with Tamiya Connector
  20. Battle ready SU-152
  21. Hooben t55
  22. Trumpeter T34 1:16 Upper and Lower Hull
  23. Tamiya Tiger I E sprues X 2
  24. New Scratch and Dent tanks added to Taigen's site!
  25. IBU2 for Sale - $120 shipped in the US
  26. Getting out of Hobby sale.
  27. Tamiya Pershing battle ready, RTR
  28. BRAND NEW ~ Tamiya MF-03 DMD Multi Function Unit
  29. TAMIYA 1/16 JS-2 Russian R/C WWII Tank Full-Option Infrared TBU Assembled #56035
  30. Custom Tamyia Pz IV for sale
  31. Wanted Stug III or just upper hull
  32. 4 gearbox sets for sale - Taigen, Waltersons
  33. Very Rare rebuild M48 Patton Tank and yes, IR ready!
  34. Wanted: 1/72 Imex/Walterson Tank
  35. Wanted tamiya tiger 1. J parts
  36. R/C German Sdkfz. 251/1 Stuka Zu Fuss 1/2 track!
  37. A bad guy for sale for your M1's, Leo's and Chally's
  38. Unbuilt Imai Elefant for Sale
  39. Super Pershing for sale
  40. M1A2 HE Abrams with AFV-Model l upgraded lower hull
  41. Back by popular demand!
  42. Tank parts for sale
  43. 1/16 Eduard Schwimmwagen kit PLUS resin tires/wheels
  44. Wanted decals for Tamiya JS-2
  45. 1/16 Tanks for sale
  46. Tamiya 1/16 R/C tanks for sale
  47. Tamiya Sherman guts for sale.
  48. Taigen Radio Set, Mako2, and Clark TK-22 for Sale
  49. 1/16 Sherman JUMBO turret (Nick's resin)
  50. Looking for Taigen IR
  51. N.O.S. 1/15 Bandai 150mm Howitzer Hummel for sale
  52. 1/16 RC WSN M16 halftrack (new but out of box)
  53. 1/16 early M4A3 Sherman kit (Nicks resin)
  54. Wanted 1:16 M4A1
  55. RTR Mato all metal Tiger tank with Clark electronics
  56. FS: HL M26 Pershing Upper Hull and Turret (Airsoft)
  57. Sherman metal tracks for sale
  58. Brand New METAL upgrades for HL Panzer III
  59. PROFILINE kits for sale
  60. Taigen/Asiatam recoils for Panzer 3 & 4
  61. NEW Tamiya DMD Multifunction Unit MF-01
  62. Brand New IMPACT gearbox for Tamiya Panther
  63. Tamiya Electronics for SALE!!!
  64. 1/6 scale Stuart Tanks (3 )
  65. Tamiya Pershing with crew
  66. WTB - Tamiya Panzer IV 1/16 FO Metal Tracks
  67. Tamiya Pz. IV kit for sale
  68. WTS Makerbot Replicator 5th Generation 3D printer Tank Forum Special.
  69. WTB working Tamiya DMD T-03
  70. Tamiya Full Option JGSDF Type 10
  71. WTB _ Heng Long Sherman M4A3 Lower hull
  72. Tamiya Full Option Pershing
  73. I have 2 Tamiya Pershing DMD and MF (New & Used)
  74. Tamiya 1/16 Leopard 2A6 Complete Ready to Run
  75. WTB: Tamiya King Tiger Full Option 1:16 (UK)
  76. Selling Clark board TK22 T1 Remote and programming cable.
  77. Tamiya panther (with most upgrades available)
  78. WTB - Henglong 2.4ghz Radio System (TX, RX MFU and binding cable)
  79. FS: Tamiya Tiger 1 with Radio and Battle System 1/16
  80. FS: Tamiya JS-2 1/16 Russian Tank Full Operation Kit w/Radio
  81. WTB- Tamiya Leopard A4
  82. WTS: Tamiya MF-04 and T-03 $300 shipped
  83. WTB Clark TK22 T1 board in USA thanks
  84. Tamiya 1/16 Tank
  85. Tamiya DMD Multifunction Unit MF-01
  86. WTB specialty vehicles
  87. Open Question
  88. Trade Tamiya Pershing DMD and MF units for Tiger I
  89. WTB - Tamiya M4 Sherman 56001 clutch transmission gear B
  90. Very rare !! IMAI Elefant built.
  91. Need Pershing Parts (Sprue C2, C5)
  92. Pershing Parts (Sprue C2, C5)
  93. WTB: parts of Leo1 Tamiya
  94. WTB - Tamiya Dual Clutch Tank Transmission
  95. eBay Hen Long ZTZ99 Main Battle Tank Converted to Tamiya Electronics with IR TBU 1/16
  96. eBay Hen Long Sherman 75mm RC Tank Converted to Tamiya Electronics with IR TBU 1/16
  97. WTB a Tamiya DMD unit TO5 for Tamiya M4 Sherman tank
  98. Future Tank Hand Built Hull And Upper
  99. Tiger Tank: A British View -
  100. Need Tamiya Sherman Lower Hull Tub (#4005091)
  101. Looking for Tamiya Leo 2A6 low. hull metal reinforcement
  102. WTB Airbrush Kit and Airbrush Booth
  103. The d-day rc tank summer sale!
  104. Tamiya Leopard A1A4
  105. Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I FO kit plus a ZILLION upgrades!
  106. RC truck parts
  107. Schumo ZUH 19 for sale
  108. Tamiya Leo2 DMD T-07 for sale
  109. Looking for Kyosho LAV Half 8
  110. Wanting Tamiya DMD T-06 to Purchase
  111. FREE Hen Long RC Electronic Parts for the Cost of USA Lower 48 State Shipping to You.
  112. Looking for Offers
  113. Preferences in size? and functions
  114. Custom Dioramas
  116. Trade for Clark TK22 M4 Board
  117. Taigen metal Tiger I for sale
  118. Looking for a Used Tamiya KT
  119. Still looking for Mato M4A1 76
  120. FS WSN T-34/85 with metal tracks + metal gears w/o electronics
  121. FS Elmod system
  122. New Tamiya WWII JS-2 Soviet Tank, 1/16 Scale, Full Option, TBU, Futaba 2.4, Built
  123. Tamiya 56014 Full Option M4 Sherman for sale
  124. Heng Long transmitters
  125. Tamiya Leopard 2
  126. Wwii figures new in box for sale !
  128. Super Smoker II New in box only $40 shipped
  129. Clean up of the war room...
  130. Wtb rx-18!!!!
  131. Contest; Tamiya compatible infrared fighting Sherman M4A3 75mm HL Tamiya Hyrid Tank
  132. Tamiya sherman electronics
  133. Job lot of 1:6 figures, weapons, equipment for sale
  134. Ultimate HL KT for sale
  135. Static M26 available, built or in parts...
  136. Servonaut SM3 truck sound module
  137. Jadpanzer officially for sale...
  138. Scratch and Dent Sales from Taigen!!
  139. 2 Tamiya Tanks for Sale
  140. Tamiya IS-2 electronics for sale
  141. Wanted: M10 turret - other parts needed and for trade...
  142. Wtb HL m4a1 76w
  143. Unfinished projects, parts, electronics (tamiya and eelmod)
  144. Heads and Cans ready to go (Brad and Jerry that is).
  145. Tamiya 56016 M-26 Pershing For Sale - New in box with Extras!!
  146. tanks for sale
  147. Wanted WSN T-34 Stock Gear Boxes
  148. Looking for 1/16 Tamiya Tiger I
  149. Pieces and parts including RX-18's
  150. Looking to trade for a Tamiya Panther 56022
  151. Parts Wanted
  152. Heng Long 1/16 Leopard 2A6 for sale
  153. Metal lower hull reinforcement for Heng Long Leopard 2A6 for sale
  154. WTB plastic drive wheel For Heng Long Panther
  155. Wanted Tamiya Sherman Parts
  156. WTB: Mato sherman lower hull
  157. Mato Sherman 1/16 with metal upgrades
  158. ZTZ-99(with upgrades) For Sale
  159. WTB: Tamiya DAK Tiger TC
  160. WTB: Few items
  161. wrong forum
  162. New in Box Tamiya Leopard 2a6 Full Option
  163. Where can I get stencils from/made?
  164. Misc tanks and a truck
  165. 1/16 HL tanks
  166. 1/12 Scale panzer tanks
  167. 1/6 Stuart tank
  168. Hetzer track
  169. WTB Taigen Tiger 1 metal Lower Hull
  170. Wanted to hire: a figure painter
  171. Pershing Metal Tracks
  172. Looking for 1/16th Tanks
  173. tanks for sale
  174. For trade 1/16 Torro Halftrack
  175. LAV water cannon vehicle
  176. WTB - Taigen radio and speaker
  177. WTB radio and receiver for a HL parts tiger
  178. Used Spektrum DX6 radio with BR6000 receiver package $50.00 Shipped Con US
  179. STUG III with asiatam lower
  180. Pershing for trade
  181. Full metal tiagen tiger 1 late with tiger1 early for parts
  182. Taigen US M41A3 Walker Buldog
  183. Taigen German Tiger I
  184. PanzerKampfwagen by Heng Long
  185. Tamiya Panther G Hatch
  186. Mato Sherman Tracks
  187. Wanted : HL Panzer 3 upper hull
  188. Moving to smaller house sale
  189. Looking for Hooben Elefant tracks
  190. Wanted: lower gear-Panther/Tiger 1
  191. Lower Tamiya Sherman Hull Wanted
  192. For swap or sale 1/16 KV-85
  193. Wanted: HL Pz IV F2 Parts
  194. Tamiya Sherman electronics Sale or Trade
  195. Tamiya Full Option Panther 1/16
  196. Tamiya R/C Flakpanzer Gepard 1/16 NIB and very early R/C Sherman 1/16th for sale
  197. Hetzer Hull
  198. Tamiya Battle Units, GFS Bases, IR parts, etc...
  199. Tiagen full metal stugg iii
  200. FS: 1/16 scale Kyosho JGSDF L.A.V.'s (original race-buggy-based 4wd ones!)
  201. RC military truck 1/14
  202. Graupner Speed 400 6V
  203. Wanted: Gear from Tamiya gun elevation unit
  204. ZTZ Nylon gears wanted!
  205. Panzer IV with metal upgrades
  206. Mato Sherman with metal upgrade
  207. Tamiya apple
  208. Clark model TK20-RU for T-34
  209. Tank projects up for sale, Tiger, Stug and halftrack
  210. Wanted: Two pairs of Tamiya male motor connectors
  211. looking for LAV
  212. Wanted: Rare Kirin resin 120mm (1/16) Fallschirmjager figures...
  213. Asiatam chassis, wheels, tracks and gearboxes for Stugg III / Panzer III
  214. Tamiya Leopard 2A6 w/ spare parts, metal road arms, GBS; & Airtronis RDS8000 Tx & Rx
  215. Tamiya Leopard 1 static kit w/ Metal tracks. Unbuilt
  216. Tamiya Leapord tracks wanted!
  217. Tamiya 1:16 Full Option KingTiger
  218. Wanted: Landing craft plans, ideas for diorama materials... and other misc.
  219. Wanted hl/taigen tiger 1 metal tracks..
  220. Wanted, AFV hull brace for Tamiya Leopard 2A6
  221. Dynamit Prophet Plus II AC/DC peak charger for trade(like new)
  222. Looking for Mato 8108r function board
  223. Clark tk22 for tiger 1 metal tracks& wheels
  224. Carson Goldhofer Loader 1/14
  225. Looking for Late version Tamiya Tiger I
  226. Graupner HB .61 PDP Engine with crank driven fan.
  227. Custom built Tamiya Sherman
  228. RC Halftrack (new in box) 1/16
  229. selling tanks and landing craft
  230. Wanted Walker Bulldog compete bottom Hull
  231. Taigen Tiger 1, Late, FullMetal, Tk22
  232. Anyone want to part with an Eduard Schwimm?
  233. Ztz-99 wanted!
  234. tamiya full option tiger 1 tank
  235. Tamiya MF-02 (Sherman) for sale
  236. WTB Profiline Stug F/8 conversion kit
  237. WTB or trade for RTR tank....
  238. WSN T-34/85 1/16 with metal lower hull upgrade
  239. Detailed StuG III G for sale
  240. WTB> Looking for a Tamiya Leopard A4
  241. CUSTOM 1/24 Marui Tiger I with Henglong electronics. one of a kind!
  242. Looking for a Tamiya JS-2
  243. Rc forces of valor 1:24 tiger i tank
  244. Tamiya full option KV-1 with radio gear and tamiya battle unit $650 obo
  245. Modified Spektrum DX6i and 2x AR600 Reciever
  246. Hooben T-55 Trade for Tamiya Panther.
  247. For Sale Small Model Tanks
  248. For Sale Model Tank
  249. Wanted rc brukenleger
  250. Tamiya Plastic tracks

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