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There is a purpose in that gap - though it should only be of pin diameter. Too close and the hinges bind. Bind frequently and the hinges weaken. Weak hinges split. You also have to flex the control surface to full deflection when dripping on the CA. Otherwise, it may crack the hinge when you first force it to where it needs to be and it binds against the wing because it has "bottomed out", especially a 3-D model, which has lots of control surface, which stresses the already weakened hinge. That's a cascade to disaster.

A lot if the pad press they got early on was from "self-inflicted wounds". Some gap is very often better than no gap.

Check out the "stickies" by MinnFlyer on how to install CA hinges. They work well when done properly. I have them on giant scale models of 15 pounds and over. Below is the link.