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ORIGINAL: cocobear

Yeah, I know Bill (I copmpete at Top Gun, most reacently with 1/3rd scale Albatros). Good guy but closed minded towards ARFs. Outside of work, I don't have many ARFs but I really like how they have cleaned up the flight lines at the field. It isn't a line of patch work Sweet Sticks with the covering falling off any more. That is what the anti ARF guys forget. Builders will always build! This Waco is one I will own (along with my P-6E), I will probably fly it in fun scale at the contests this summer.


It's not that I'm closed minded toward ARFs, its just that they have no soul. Every ARF looks just like every other one in the series. Those who take the time to modify their ARF models to personalize them have my respect. I'm personally happy to see another Waco in the marketplace. I've about got my plans for the 27% ready to proof. Hopefully the GP Waco will generate some interest in building other versions. I just hope that GP does not fall into the same issues that Cox had with theirs, and that the models will be filling the pipeline, rather than filling it with disappointments.

Bill, Waco Brother #1