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Default RE: Engine mount not fitting motor... (Avistar)

Suggest you remove the plug & exhaust and needle valve and submerge the engine in a wide-mouth glass jar of model engine fuel or kerosene. I recently did this on an Enya 90-4C with 50/50 kerosene/ATF and let it set for a couple of days. Just jiggle it around a bit to work air out of the case and let'r soak.

When I took it out of the bath the engine turned easily in short order but the throttle barrel was still stuck. I took a screwdriver to the throttle arm retaining screw and to my surprise it turned the barrel before the screw broke loose. Worked it back and forth a bit and it loosened right up.

Shook it out real good, mounted prop, plug, exhaust and mounted it on my test stand. Fueled it, attached glow ignitor and it fired right up and ran just like it was never stuck in the first place. Ran it dry after a couple of tanks, soaked in after-run oil, and wipe'd it down before storing. If this had been done in the first place it probably wouldn't have froze up.

May I also suggest you check out the ASP engines at Hobbyking.com for a reasonable cost alternative.