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Default RE: C/L scale handle

of course....however...the need for lines to control elevator will still be needed...hence the term control line...without them it is indeed radio control.
Also, what is considered safe for some..may not be so safe for others. After all these years the debate still remains. At lease we can agree to disagree. At any rate..my handle will be less expensive than a 2.4 gig radio....lol...the important thing is to promote the hobby, have fun at it..be a good sport and give the best and most informed information you can. Everyone can draw their own conclusions.

and Fred...as I recall...I never saw you fly a warbird fully loaded..the camera pane you flew and a few others were kewl to say the least..but they were different...flight charateristics of planes vary..and what may be very safe for one plane might be quite unsafe for another...its all in the wrist, arm, your body weight and how fast the plane is going and what the weight of the craft is...I hope you have expanded into scale FAI warbirds it is a real challenge. Best of luck to you...perhaps we will compete against one another at some point in the future.

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