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Default RE: Plane Cleaner

Confused?  Yup, to many home brews here.  Every degreaser under the sun has practically been mentioned, even the one that didn't work for the original thread poster.  100LL will work, but it's rather expensive these days, over $6 a gallon here.  All these products will leave a residue so you have to use some soap with? Water.

Dawn dishwashing liquid works well but it's hard on your hands it you use it alot.  Watered down in a pump/spray bottle is good.

I've flown full sized aircraft for over 40 years, and some of the stuff mentioned above is darn right harmful to a finish.  If you use any of the products mentioned above,  you're going to have to wash it off with a mixture of soap and water then wipe it down.  Works will in a small spray bottle then wipe down with good towels such as Pipemajor has mentioned above.