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Default RE: Not wanting bellcrank

I put a small metal eyelet in the side of the fuselage and wear and having the leadouts bind has never been a problem. I use a normal bellcrank and have the lines exit the fuselage in a straight line. In the extreme throw of the bellcrank the leadouts are rubbing the side of the eyelet, but never a problem. Remember regardless of where you put the bellcrank you can draw a straight line from you handle, leadouts to the CG of the aircraft. The bellcrank location is not critical, the location of the CG and the leadout guide is critical. On my larger models I have adjustable leadout guides to adjust the line tension and trimming of the aircraft.

On my Piper cub I had to drop the leadout guide several inches below the wing surface so that the model does not roll inboard or outboard. If the leadout guide is too high it will roll the aircraft towards on the Gee Bee. If the leadout guide is too low it will raise the left wing and roll the plane outboard.

Takeoff on the Gee Bee are always interesting due to the short tail moment and engine location.

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