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Default RE: Not wanting bellcrank

It could only work if the wings had considerable dihedral to raise the leadout guides to where they need to be and that airplane does not have anywhere near enough.

This is just like the common problem the fellows have with scale airplanes and their cowlings. Its the 'hole in cowling' syndrome you know where they absolutely refuse to allow enough cooling inlet air, worse cooling outlet air or have a reasonable hole anyway to adjust a mid range needle, worse the main needle let alone change a glow plug or simply clear a loaded engine through a glow plug hole.

Failure to do any of the above so often results in short lives for the airplane controlline or RC.

If you insist on having the leadouts to low for such a silly reason then the reward will be an akward flying airplane constantly dragging its outside wing looking just well, silly and everyone is gonna notice, even casual spectators.

That conversion is really Cool and would love to see you finish it and be reward with a nifty prototypically flying airplane but that ain,t gonna happen unless you use some common sense in the conversion.

Put the leadout guide and preferrably the bellcrank where they need to be and that means wires out a fuse side hole and an over wing standoff leadout guide.