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Default RE: Beginner Setup Issues

The motor I am using right now pulls 10A (15 Burst) with a 9x4.5 prop. As for the Jet, I am not 100% on that. Since I am new, I don't have all of the tools to measure capacities and usage, but if it helps, it is the F-35 from BananaHobby and the battery works fine on it( http://www.bananahobby.com/1719.html ). I'm sorry for not providing the best info. I am still fairly new and am not versed on what I should know. I have a weird feeling one of the solder joints came loose, because my last landing was kind of rough and my soldering wasn't what it is now, so I think I will give it a shot just to rule that out. If, from the scattered, poorly put together amount of info I provided, you happen to see something that may be the problem that would be great.