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Default RE: elevator programing

ORIGINAL: speedracerntrixie

Go into the model type menu. Select ACRO and then it will give you a menu for wing and tail type. For tail select AILEVATR. This activates the mix. Not sure what channels to plug the servos into so you will have to experiment. From there you will be able to figure it out. It is also on page 102 of you manual
I'm no expert, but not sure I'd go that way. Maybe you end up with the same results going that way, dunno. Haven't tried it.

Check out the "Channel Menu". My manual has it on p.56

You go to "Channel Function" menu (available under the "system" tab, then "channel"), press one of the aux channels, then "select", and a second menu comes up with a selection of available functions. Press the one you want (ELE2), then "set". You're done!

I do this same thing for aileron and elevator as I have 2 servos for each on my planes. Use channel 5 for AIL2 and channel 6 for ELE2 works out pretty well for me.

Holler if this doesn't make any sense. Somebody else may be better at explaining it. It's MUCH easier to just do it vs. trying to tell somebody else. -Al