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Default RE: Savage SS - Wheelies

ORIGINAL: Pkvillager

You should be getting wheelies no problem with the .25. Go to savage-central.com those guys know the savage in and out.

Yup, I've got a Force .25 Savage which is just about the same as the S-25 and its an unbelievable wheelie machine. Just be patient and break it in properly. Theses big blocks really arent fully broken in until about a gallon of fuel. I've got a hair over a gllon on mine and its making more and more power every time I drive it. As it sits now it a full stock suspension with one 1/2 inch spacer on one shock in each corner, a 3 shoe mugen clutch and the stock 14 tooth bell, and I cant keep the front end down, I actually have to tune it a bit rich to keep it managable. Its also got a hotbodies pipe and a motorsavers air filter.