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Default RE: Aerofly5 question

I have a few questions, too, Mike. I too operate a Mac desktop. I have Boot Camp on it (for Windows stuff), but that is iffy at times because the copy of Windows 7 I have installed is the ''free student download'' version. Yes, I'm too cheap to pay over a hundred bucks (over and above the cost of the simulator) just to fly a sim.

As I understand it, Aero-Fly for Macs does not come with a ''controller''; one should use his own transmitter, and needs an adapter cord for that. So I need the sim AND a cable to hook up my TX, right?

The web site is not very informative in a few aspects of this, but I don't see the Futaba 12Z (or 9Z, for that matter) anywhere on the list of ''supported transmitters''.

So where does that leave me?
There are two versions of AF5: the usb interface version for those who plan to use their own Tx; and the Game Controller version which comes with a simple non-programmable controller. I will recommend the usb interface version because it allows you to use all the programmable functions in your radio that you'll use in the field with your r/c models. Futaba 12z works fine with AF5. All you need is to get the y-adapter cable for Futaba radios.