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Default RE: which is best 26-35cc engine?

ORIGINAL: jefflangton

Os, evo.....way overpriced. The dle will do the job nicely at nearly half the price of others. Thinking about zenoah is a waste of time
Tower Super Saver Club.....the only OS33 I paid full price for was the first one. It has been worth every penny and then some because of it's terrific, reliable output. Every other one I bought cost about 60-70 dollars less. Every penny is worth even more.....

What's the cost amortized over 500 flights? 1000 flight? Well, number 1 OS33 is nearing 500 now, some 100 hours of operation. 100 hours doesn't sound like alot but it is. Very few glow enginesor gas enginescan boast that kind of life span trouble free, maintenance free. But, as always, YMMV