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Default RE: which is best 26-35cc engine?

Matt, I get the fact 100 hours of engine time is a bunch, more than many (most?) engines will see in their lifetime. But just to provide an opposing view regarding amortized costs? Though it's hard for me to imagine wearing out my 20, if I did, I could replace it, leaving me with a brand new engine, and still saving money over the price of an OS?

An RCGF (have you seen the beam mounted 26 w/same weight and dims as the 20?) or the VV engines are even less money, and just as likely to go the distance as well?

Point being, for what you have into a 200 dollar engine, and what you can reasonably expect for it's lifetime given reasonable luck and care, spending 500 on one 20cc engine not for guys with pockets as shallow as mine are....