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Originally Posted by littlecrankshaf View Post
Something AMA might consider is to allow members to put credit card information of members on file for automatic renewals. I do that on as many things that I can to pre-empt my forgetfulness. I do that here for my RCU membership.
With the recent exposure of security flaws at Target et al in the news, I'm leery enough to be dropping auto renewals that require payees to maintain my personal data. I'd rather do it through an escrow agent like PayPal to minimize exposure to hacking. Doesn't negate your thought though, as AMA accepts PayPal, which I have used for convenience in membership renewal. AMA treats it like cash, so I get an immediate confirmation by email. If paid by CC, there is wait until the charge has cleared plus processing time (I think by a 3rd party) to mail out the membership cards by the batch.