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Originally Posted by rcjunky67 View Post
what??? is there something on my teeth?bat in the cave?what? where'd everybody go. gee's , i ask one stupid question and
Robert, There was a lot more commenting when the Waco arf first came out for sale. Then it sort of died off. I still have mine and it is still in new condition with only about 15 flights. I haven't flown it in about a year and a half. Guess I need to get it down from the ceiling and get it up... I have the DLE 20 in mine, but the Saito 150 would be great in it too. My Saito's 150's, 180's ect have always ran good inverted.
Back earlier in this thread I had posted lots of pictures. The Waco flies awesome and is a floater on final. A joy to fly is all I can say plus looks good also.