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oh I know ,But I'm gonna have to make some holes for the valve covers I think and would rather they be on the bottom.thanks for all your reply's though guys. I've had this thing for three years now and it's still packed in it's box. had to give the hobby a break for a couple of years and am just getting back up and running. sometimes life just gets in the way. but, a man has to honor his priorities. and family always will come first.

the big 150 is a 25cc engine and from what I've read , it ought to put me about midway. thanks again. I just hate to see a thread die off , especially when it's about one of my favorite planes.

You know? I've not even took the time to unpack this plane to see if the landing gear fairings are the correct length yet, do any of you suppose GP would still do anything for me top correct the issue if their the wrong ones?