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Well, with an elevator servo failure last weekend we are actually going down by one. It was on a downwind leg over the trees on the far side. No elevator response at all after a nice flight so I cut the throttle and leveled the wings and waited for the big "CRUNCH!" Several guys waded through the pucker-brush to help retrive it and got to it before I did. I kept wiggling the sticks and the sound guided them to it. The fusleage for the most part was untouched except for the cabane struts and canopy being mangled. The top wing is three large pieces and the bottom wing has several large semi-circular dents in the leading edge. On the ground the elevator would respond to the first set of up down inputs but move progressivly less until it stopped. All the other channels would respond as commanded without change. The elevator servo would start moving again if it was moved first by hand and then repeat the sequence. The plane and servos are pretty old as I bought it used about 5 years ago. Possibly a lesson to replace those hard working servos after a number of seasons. I've put an ad in to see if there are any spare parts out there as this plane has been out of production for a long time.

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