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Originally Posted by essyou35 View Post
I'll have to check my notes, I cant recall the difference between the super bandit and what I have.
Is the composite bandit built to take abuse like that? He was yanking some serious Gs on those pullups. I don't fly my jets like that. I like his slow passes with strong climbouts, that what I am going for.
Of the two vids posted so far in this thread, it appears the bandit has a sort of dutch roll. I assume a cortex or igyro will fix that?
I have an Igyro3 in my viper jet for that reason. But I don't like how it makes it land, fighting the natural flare. It has lengthened my landing runouts until I get used to flaring it more manually.

BTW I forgot, I have the wing tanks too.
As far as I know, and Harley can probably provide more info, the Classic Composite Bandit, (as you have) and the Super Bandit, share very similar construction. They are both very strong airframes.

My Super and Balsa bandit exhibited no dutch roll. But I do use a gyro for other reasons.

Actually to be fair, Iím not really trying to dissuade you from using the K 140. (Hell, I have a M 140 in my SB) The airframe, if built well, will be up to it. Just be prepared for a monster fast jet.

The aerodynamics on these sport jets (both Bandits and CARF Flash for that matter) are in another league than a JL viper.. They are designed to go fast..