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Originally Posted by rcmiket View Post
They could ban the hobby altogether and you'd still post the same. I have to hand it to you your consistent. I don't trust them as far as I could throw them. Just a few weeks back everything was peachy and we ( including the AMA) were victorious with House version of the bill and now this. You still trust these guys?

They could also do nothing that would really affect us, and you would be here bright and early every morning telling us how horrible everything is, and if it's not that bad now, just wait, more horror is around the corner. A part of me thinks you and some of the other doomsday folks wouldn't mind having the hobby banned, if for no other reason than to say "see, we told you so". Last year Franklin seemed to be jonesing for a bad accident at a fly in event so he could crow on and on about the horrible safety standards the AMA has (or doesn't). We obviously look at things from a difference perspective. You basically despise the AMA, or at least it seems that way. You clearly don't trust anyone in Govt. I can't fathom how much effort and energy it takes to get up each day filled with negativity, suspicion, and cynicism.

So ya, things are pretty much peachy except the weather. I go fly now in CT, NY, NJ just as I did last year. Did I miss something in the meanwhile, can you tell me how anything has really changed for you, other than your sudden drop in drone sales? Was the registration horribly difficult? Are you not able to fly? Are you being hassled by FAA inspectors ramp checking your airplane? Local LEO putting down their donuts and jacking you up about something? Someone search the FAA database and find out where you live and turn your world upside down? What is the horrible thing going on now, and who is starting a letter writing campaign, or better yet change.org petition? Boy did those efforts lose steam, and quick! you even took it off your sig line within a week or two.

As for the AMA being victorious, they certainly didn't get everything the wanted, but who does. Not even the NRA can do that. Have they tried, I would say absolutely. Anyone else working on our behalf?

Finally, it doesn't appear you have a firm grasp of how politicians work. Much of what they do is chest thumping, a lot of show for their constituents. They know what they propose is sometimes ludicrous and has no chance of passing. They propose legislation all the time that will go nowhere, just to drive a point home. Here are a few;




It's going to be a peachy weekend, temps finally in the 60 which is almost a heatwave. I have plans to fly at two fields, and I expect to continuing enjoying this hobby just like I did last year. How about you, any flying on tap for this weekend?