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May i chip in?!
I do have a few bandit and already build and flew a lot of different set ups
First, this airplane is a tight fit as far as concern, well, everything, even servos i little bit bigger give you a hard time to install and setup so if you already got this airplane at a low price, waste some money in good servos.
I'm not a JR guy I fly Futaba 18 mz, but for this airplane I installed JR 8411 on Ailerons/ Flaps/ Stab and for the rudder the JR 9411 ( classic Bandit) the barf i or II is a different animal!
Manly because it's a tight fit, especially on the flaps and the 8411 although it's amid size servo and looks like the same size of the other it's indeed a bit smaller, and that small difference in size will help you on the installation, to give you a perspective the flaps are attached to the wings with maple woods cutted to size where a L shape carbon fiber reinforced plastic is screwed on this maple block, but the near the flaps are so tight that a regular servo screw will not fit ( it wil hit the polyply cover) so that one need to be countersunk, sanded and attached with a flat head screw. Add a bit bigger servo on this equation and you are heading for trouble ( not worth the money saving on the Hitec or other)
You can buy the BARF II alluminum Ts for the aileron and wings, it helps the install of the flaps and Aileron, money well spent
Also the clevis for the flaps hit the the top of the wing' s fiber glass skin, where there is a semi circle poly ply to cover the hole, that is how tight this assembly is
The rudder servo bay is very tight as well and the dimensions of the 9411 works good for the application
Yes, you can get the carbon fiber hinges from BVM I bought it in the pass and it's a nice touch to the assembly
Please use the double wall pipeand add the ceramic mat covered with the alluminum foil that goes glued to the top of the fuse, there is a template on the plans to cut it
Also don't forget to paint the inside of the bypass and the tail cone with the BVM ceramic paint
About the engine if you already have the KT 140, go for it, yes It's a overkill, but nothing that make the model untamed
I have one Super Bandit with a Jet cat P160SX and one with a Jet Cat P120SX, and yes the one with a 160 it[s faster ( how much? I don[t know) But the fuel consumption is higher and there's not much gain really. The one with a P120SX in my opinion is the best setup, I used to have one with a P80 and the airplane fly great as well, not so strong on take offs, and when you really get used to the airplane you fell that you could go a little faster
Same thing happens with a my BARF I with a P100RX, great combo, but not the fastest plane on the field
About the gear If i had he money i changed them for the BVM purple one with duro strut, the one you have works but it's a little high maintenance for me
basically I'll keep with every thing BVM told you to do, It's not the cheapest way,at least at the beginning, but it pays itself in time, the equipment is bullet proof well engineered and safe you a lot of headaches
With the exception of the smooth stop I II or even the III LOL, It's a pain to setup and eventually it will leaks
Again all this IMHO

Good luck