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Like a lot of things, it depends. A hay field is pretty gentle for any kind of airplane that can tolerate a belly landing. Cotton stalks on the other hand will tear up any thing. I have had success with the Gentle Lady/.049 combo even to the point of sticking a small landing gear on the plane. The Sportavia may be getting a little long in the tooth if it is an original Cox model. But if you like 1/2 A and it's cheap, go for it. The down side to powered gliders/sailplanes and 1/2 a is that the wind is likely to be an issue. Another option is to go for durability. There are people who are still into the SPAD designs (Simple Plastic Airplane Design). There was a lot of enthusiasm for these some years back and I think the combat fliers are still using them to some degree. They use non traditional materials like coroplast and PVC gutter pipe to build an almost indestructible plane. They aren't very pretty but they go together quickly, don't cost much and fly pretty well. An ep solution is the foamboard F-22. They don't do wind well but they are super cheap, can fly almost anywhere and land slowly enough that they can park almost anywhere. They are my current pasture flyer after I sold off my eflite F4F wildcat. I think they are OOP but you can probably find one on the net. It was a very nice flyer and landed on a plastic belly pan. If you don't mind building the 1/12 scale combat planes were mostly made for belly landings and with their heavier wing loading will handle more wind than a lot of small models. Just to complicate things a little, the Sportavia, if still in the box or in good condition may be worth more as a collectible.