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Switch settings and their functions on modern transmitters are fully assignable (generally) and can be used for any purpose within limits. Since switches are assignable, that means you can set a specific switch to do a specific function. How you want a switch to function may not be the same as someone else -- hence assignable. What the switches do depends on what you are controlling -- such as an airplane, car, boat, quad, heli, etc. Basic things to consider are servo travel, servo reversing, exponential, high/low rates, channel assignments, and special functions like flaps, landing gear up/down, bomb drops. The term programmable means the transmitter has varying degrees of programmability. An entry level radio may have some required basic functions but may not be programmable. So the long answer to a short question is no -- there is no specific pattern for the switches. Each transmitter manufacturer does their own thing. Even trainer switches can be located on the right or left side of the transmitter.