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Originally Posted by Len Todd View Post
Wire connections can corrode if left in a humid environment, especially where temperatures change significantly. I have lost a laptop that was left in the car in the winter. Brought it in and turned it on several minutes later. Because of the temp change, moisture built up from condensation and did it in.

If I left the planes in a trailer for the winter with your conditions, I personally would put in a dehumidifier with a discharge to the outside and heater in the trailer. However, I know one guy that leaves them in the trailer all winter w/o heating and controlling the temp. I do not recall seeing any of his crashing. But then again, I don't fly with him very often and he isn't flying jets.
I think if I get a couple of those RV moisture removers I might be ok as far as the humidity goes. Temp changes in the winter here aren't that dramatic so that isn't a huge concern. I thought about a dehumidifier but if it does drop below freezing that would be an issue. Keeping a heater going in there is expensive not to mention risky IMO. Maybe a solar powered fan to keep the air moving would help keep it drier as well though and that is pretty easy to accomplish.