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Default IAF-Zukit-Fouga Magister (RCJC)

Test flight.
It is always a smart thing to give the controls to a trusted and more experienced pilot to make a test flight. I know this, I did it before and will do that again in the future. BUT this project was very special and sentimental to me and I knew from the beginning Ill be doing the test flight myself.
For a rookie in jets as myself It is definitely NOT the right way to do things.
We have several gifted pilots here in our small Israeli RC community. Some are well known worldwide and they offered to assist. I had to politely refuse their good intentions.
Knowing I was doing the wrong thing in such situation I prepared the plane and myself to do the right thing for me. I did however got assistance from one of the best pilots I know-Amir Cohen and he followed me during the preparations and stood next to me as a safety pilot. Just in case.

Thanks to Isrsel Shaked for the video I now got a good after flight movie to track all the bad points of my piloting skiles and the good ones as well.
I was lucky. I also have full confidence in myself and know better my piloting skiles. It was something I just had to do by myself and I was willing to pay the price.

During the next months after my first flight I have loged 3 more flights. I then approached and got assistance from Mr. Ofir Babish in how to manage and handle this jet properly.
I'm still learning to fly it. I have much to learn but I know I can do it. My way.

Its short but thrialing...

Thank you for reading. Comments are wellcome.


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