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Used the old flex shaft that the weed trimmer was equipped with... trimmed it down and used a brass tube to couple the flex shaft to a stainless shaft for the drive dog and prop
all the hardware was homemade... the boat was originally an 18Ē model that my grandmother bought me before she passed... I scaled the plans up to the size it is now... even if it isnít worth putting another motor in, it has sentimental value to me... ironically the boat was built from the luan plywood from a door out her house... I started building it in 2005, thatís where I came up with the number 15... took me 15 years to finally finish it... Iíve had it in the water numerous times in the past but, 15 years to finally finish it and get the paint how I wanted it.
Its probably not worth the money to replace/rebuild the engine but, I donít care about the money... itís more sentimental to me.
she loved going to the local pond with me to watch the rc boats running around...thatís why I scaled the plans up, was hoping to get it on the water with her but, that never happened, she passed before it was done, she would have loved to see it finally finished... The final boat is dedicated to her...

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