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Default Futaba Model ID Information


As many are now aware Futaba now has a Model ID feature. The following is some important information to keep in mind regarding the new feature and its use.

Model ID became available when the 32MZ was released. It was recently added to the 16SZ/18SZ transmitters in the Version 3.9E software update. This feature now enables models using the feature to ignore commands from other models linked to the same transmitter when using the FASSTest or T-FHSS protocols. This feature prevents you flying with the wrong model selected when using FASSTest/T-FHSS receivers once Model ID is enabled.

Model ID is ONLY available when using either 12 or 18-Channel FASSTest or T-FHSS protocols. It does not work with FASST or S-FHSS receivers.

Once you download and install the new Version 3.9E software on your 16SZ or 18SZ you need to relink all your existing FASSTest/T-FHSS receivers to activate the feature. If you are setting up new model with a previously un-linked or new receiver you simply need to link it as before.

Once downloaded and installed Model ID cannot be turned off. It is a passive feature that is enabled by installing the new 3.9E update. It is not able to be selected for certain FASSTest/T-FHSS models. It is an all or nothing feature with those receiver types.

Existing model procedure:


Select 12-Channel FASSTest, 18-Channel FASSTest, or T-FHSS depending on the receiver you are using.

Confirm selection. This will take you back to the main screen.

Go back to the SYSTEM TYPE menu and re-link your receivers. The Model ID feature is now active. That receiver will only respond when the model it is linked with is selected. It will ignore all other models and the LED will show solid red.

Once the Model ID software is installed on your transmitter you will need to follow the above re-linking procedure on all your existing FASSTest/T-FHSS models before flying them.

If you are installing a new, never used, FASSTest/T-FHSS receiver you simply link as before.

Model ID works with single receiver, dual receiver with different modes, and dual receivers in the same mode (if the receiver type allows dual mode like the R7008SB, R7108SB, R7006SB receivers.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature has no effect on FASST/S-FHSS systems or receivers. If you have multiple models all with FASST/S-FHSS type receivers installed and turn them all on at the same time, then ALL the FASST/S-FHSS receivers will respond to commands from the transmitter regardless of the model selected. Use caution to make sure only the model in use is turned on and that the correct model is selected. Again, this pertains ONLY to FASST/S-FHSS receiver types. This is as it has always been. Model ID made no changes in this respect.