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Originally Posted by john agnew View Post

Don't know if you have had any luck with the Schreiner L39 but I had one of these about 15 years ago. It seemed almost identical to the Savex version. Another route might be the Blackhorse L39 which is ply / balsa construction and several people have converted it to turbine using Wren 44's / K45 / P60 dry weight seems to be around 11 lbs. It is a bit bigger than the Savex, around the size of the small Airworld version I think. There is a good build thread on RC groups large EDF jets page 3.


Thanks, John. Gave up on a L39 and the x45 is now mounted on my E Flite Blanik. Not a lot of thrust for a big glider but should be OK. At least the exquisite Little X 45 is now visible atop the Blanik. Paritech state the Wren 44 will fly well on their DG 303 which is bigger and heavier than the Blanik. I wilL soon find out as my DG has my Wren 44 Gold on it, ready to go !

Again many thanks for your suggestions.!