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Originally Posted by Outrider6 View Post
... It gets weird in full scale jets, when they talk about pounds of fuel, especially when liquid pounds don't exist. Consistency is paramount to an intelligent measuring system.
Weight on wheels is paramount to getting that full scale jet in the air so liters has to be converted to weight (kg or lb) anyway. So we "unintelligent Americans" start with what we need in the first place. Remember that 757 that flew over Canada and had to refuel there? The copilot asked for fuel in pounds but the ground crew didn't read the instructions and loaded it in liters. They dead-sticked it in Alberta, I believe.
BTW, it's called the "English" system for a reason. And if you want to talk about consistency why are all the metric multipliers greater than 1 in capital letters with their equivalent less than 1 in lower case letters except 1000? Be careful when you open a door.

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