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Originally Posted by 900LX_driver View Post
Hey everyone,

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question, mods feel free to move it if it is. I am new to turbine aircraft, so Iím just now getting everything together for the fueling, etc. I have the HSD steel fuel can, which runs either a 2S or 3S lipo; I was advised to stick with the 2S to avoid generating static from too much pressure going into the (modelís) tank.

My question is: Is there a rule of thumb you guys use to determine adequate fuel pressure coming from the fuel can? I know the HSD has a variable speed pump, I just havenít had a chance to use it yet and I think the electric gauge it has only measures battery voltage.

Anyways, if you guys have any recommendations for this, I would surely appreciate it.

- Steven
Personally I donít fuel my jets very fast, I always install a 4mm on the refueling side....and slow the pump down on a 2s (jersey system), I also used only high flow vents....the only concern is to not crack or burst your fuel tank with too much pressure....even fueling slow with 4mm, once full with the Taxi tank installed it always that a couple minutes before the pressure stabilize....

If itís a plastic fuel tank be twice more careful....