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Default Hirobo Gazelle

I recently bought a Hirobo Gazelle fitted with an onboard electric starting system. I have had Gazelles before but this is the first time I have come across one with the onboard start system. I have found very little about it on the internet and have only seen it mentioned on a couple of magazine adverts from the 80's.
I was hoping someone maybe able to tell me a bit about it, better still have a manual for it? It may not work at all, but I am reluctant to plug in any power until I know how it works and how its is triggered. Any help would be greatly received.

With previous experience of Hirobo Gazelles, the Fenestron blades were a weak point, as they were prone to cracking around the pivot mount. I have a set of new blades from the later Fenestron on the Dauphin which are longer, I plan to cut these down, balance and then test. I am wanting to keep my Gazelle going as long as possible, and at present this seems the best route to take. I have a Gazelle fuselage from the series 2 model which I will replicate and incorporate the later Fenestron fitted to the Dauphin. I am reluctant to retro fit this to the model I have as I would like to keep it as original as possible.