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I don't have a spare nitro motor, but mainly nitro fuel and a small mix of 120 octane methanol will provide easy homemade jet fuel. slight use of kero would be added lubrication. from what I know those nitro engines of certain .cc's can be converted to run based from low grade jet fuel. 1960's it was done. at that speed so the frame wont warp from speed alone and be light for steady flight it may be constructed from aircraft aluminum. such as t6-6061 billet aluminum. As a manual machinist that whole chassis would set me back at of $200 maybe as high of $300 for the complete chassis with hardware. the nitro motors can be bought for typically less than $200. The receiver would have to comprise itself of long distant transmission frequency waves. Probably a newer style rc controller for $1000 or so dollars could do that. The plane would still need basically the same thing installed to communicate back to the controller. that part can be bought. its similar to a tv controller. sounds like you could use a developer kit with development software to code the hardware for said setup. that would be cheapest and self designed. the speeds I was told was at 320 mph capable of motors converted. - my thought
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