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Originally Posted by MAUS45 View Post
Understand, I thought you only had Stug's. So was the T-34 not working because of the electronics?
Yup, when I worked on that set of Pz III variants I'd planned
  1. StuG G
  2. SIG 33
  3. PzIII N or M
  4. Pz III L
  5. StuH 10.5
I actually have enough parts to make at least another one possible two variants but I'll likely sell off the parts
as I don't want to go through all the work I did on the final drives.

Yes, despite my best efforts I never could get the radio system bound in the Hooben T-34. Feng even sent a video
as to how to bind it but it never worked. Sometime I'll swap out the electronics for an IBU2. I've been working on other projects.