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Originally Posted by 6a22a30b7c View Post
So I'm very new to piloting and trying desperately to level up the planes and start getting kills, one thing I try to do is maintain a general loop of strafing infantry, resupply and climb.

However I'm just curious as to when people generally accelerate and decelerate? I tend to decelerate when strafing to allow more time to spotting enemies and accelerating almost all other times
I thought C/L combat consisted only of shortening the streamer of your opponent as I never heard of strafing infantry -

As far as resupply, the rat racing guys working as pit crew have fuel cans and batteries strapped to their wrists as I recall from pictures and videos.

You have no choice but to accelerate in dives and decelerate in climbs and can only strive for constant speed using the 4-2-4 break (engine leans out going uphill & richens up going downhill) as far as I know.