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Chris Nicastro
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I see what you’ve done there and I caution you about setting that airfoil to a positive 2 degrees at the tip. That would be prone to stalling. Also the tip airfoil should be negative to increase the angle of attack range and prolong the stall envelope. If you use a semi-symmetrical airfoil at the tip from the Selig range it would be much safer and provide a broader speed and stall envelope. You can set it to a negative 2 degrees and the airfoil will not have any issues in level flight. When the AOA increases the tip will have an extra 2 degrees before losing lift. The root can be set at zero. The root airfoil can be symmetrical and blend out to semi-symmetrical with no adverse appearance or performance. You get the best of all worlds, deeper wheel bay where it’s needed, thicker wing section for the gear mechanism and the full performance range a scale model needs with a margin of safety.
I designed a wing program for a product line of 1/7 and 1/5 RC fighters many years ago and my research led me to this sort of conclusion. I had several samples made and they flew great. Sadly the company couldn’t get the product line going or we would have had very nice composite models to compete against Top Flite years ago!

Food for thought…