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Hi Rerge, keep in mind I didn't assemble this model from scratch, I bought it crashed & fixed it & at the same time redesigned
some work done by the previous owner. The front former looks like it has been removed to fit the retract unit & to cut the hole
for the air tank. The forward end of the air tank is stuck to the fuselage with some silicone.

The retracts are Spring Air units, the nose unit being a bulkhead mount type. The nose leg steering servo is a Hitec HS85 MG
which is glued to a plywood plate which is then glued to the retract & fitted with a short linkage. The main gear was ripped out
& the method of mounting was not really strong enough so I fitted some large, 3 mm ply plates which also mount the aileron
servos, the approx size & position is marked in white. These go from the wing spars to the trailing edge. The retracts are
controlled by an electronic air valve.