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If all this seems a little too fussy my main concern was a cheap, Chinese ARF flying apart & taking an expensive turbine with it.
I made some other mods. The little shelf at the end of the fuselage where the engine mounts had already started to crack so
I fitted some aluminium angle rails to the bottom of the fuselage to support the greater weight of the turbine. The original turbine
mount was damaged so a new adjustable one was made from aluminium angle.

The smaller Bobcat doesn't have flaps & you have to land long & flat with a turbine fitted. After a few flights I fitted an air brake
under the fuselage & this made approaches easier to control. It swings down a full 90 degrees. The canopy blew off when the
original had the model (it's pretty floppy) so when I fixed it I fitted some 1.5 mm balsa to the base of it to stiffen it up, no problems